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Moot Hall Law Courts

Newcastle upon Tyne


Client Ministry of Justice (HMCS)

Architect G4S & DTZ

Completion March 2013

Value - 360,000


We were commissioned to undertake the rebuilding the east facing historic & listed retaining wall around the Moot Hall in Newcastle. The Moot Hall Law Courts are sited in a very prominent position within Newcastle, high up above the River Tyne and adjacent to the Castle Keep. It is a Georgian building dating from 1812 and a perfect specimen of Doric architecture. It has a columned portico to the front, whilst the design of the rear is based on the Parthenon in the Athens.

The majority of the works involved the removal of the top 3m of the 30m high retaining wall and reconstructing it as well as repairs to the lower sections of the wall.


When works commenced the wall was very unstable. Each stone was numbered and photographed so that the wall could be reconstructed exactly as original. Several stones including some of the large coping stones had to be replaced with new matching stones. All the works were undertaken under the close scrutiny of the Archaeologists, Conservation, Planning Officers and English Heritage. 

In addition to the stone repairs, the existing wrought iron fencing had to carefully removed in sections so that it could be sent offsite to be restored. This was later refixed with lead back into the coping stones.

Many of the stones had to be carefully craned out of and back into position.


In 2013 we were appointed to carry out similar restoration works to the Southern facing retaining wall and fencing.

In conjunction with the works to the wall we installed new drainage and reconstructed the car park areas behind the walls which had been subject to heavy subsidence. We also carried out some alteration and refurbishment works internally to the main court building.