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The Newberry Centre (NHS)


West Lane Hospital, Middlesbrough


Client Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS

Architect Howarth Litchfield Partnership

Completion May 2011

Value - 1,100,000

The major refurbishment works were carried out on a live site and included a considerable amount of asbestos removal. The site had difficult access to the working area and was adjoined on both sides by live wards, with interconnecting services to these wards and other areas of the hospital passing through our working areas (see drawing below).

Before works commenced our site manager was in constant liaison with the ward managers to ensure that our works were carried out with the minimum disruption to the running of the hospital. Due to the secure unit adjacent to our site we also had to ensure that our activities did not compromise the safety of the staff and patients.

Due to the complexity and tight timescale of the works we chose a site team that had experience in fast track construction and similar schemes. Initially through the first stages the site was allocated one site manager, but in line with our tender assessment a second site manager was allocated to the scheme for the latter third of the project to ensure that the works were completed to a high standard and on time. Once again we chose contractors that we could trust and had worked with in the past. Unfortunately the only one to let us down was nominated by the client to undertake the window replacements, however we managed to work around their delays to ensure that the building will still be handed over on time.

The site was within a live hospital site which made access and deliveries more complicated. All deliveries had to be agreed and co-ordinated with the hospital to ensure that their operations and deliveries were not affected. The site also boarded the main access road which is single file, thus the works in this area had to be planned and designed so that access could be maintained at all times.

We agreed to use a lay down area slightly away from the works which enabled us to take large deliveries, off load away from the busy areas and then transport into the building in smaller quantities. This kept the number of deliveries down, thus reducing the carbon footprint and costs. Other materials were ordered on the JIT system and were offloaded and taken straight into the building and incorporated into the works to reduce the onsite storage, thefts and damage.

Throughout the project the liaison continued at all levels and the works have been completed to a very high standard and within the designated timescale. The Eating Disorder Unit will open on time to enable the patients and staff to be relocated from another hospital.