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St Leonard's RC Comprehensive School, Durham


August 2006 to December 2007


In December 2007 after 2m worth of investment in various extensions, upgrades and refurbishment schemes we finally vacated the site which had become our home for nearly a year and a half. 


In August 2006 VEST Construction stepped in at short notice to help our one of our major clients. MMP were in the middle of a major new development and refurbishment project at St Leonard's RC Comprehensive School in Durham when virtually overnight without little warning they went into administration. The School and Diocese were left with a serious problem and the prospect of having to delay the return to school of many of the pupils until they could complete the works. Despite being busy at the time we offered to help and were appointed with only 4 weeks left before the school returned. The main priority was to reinstate as many of the 21 classroom that had been completely gutted by MMP. Through lots of planning and hard work on and off site we were able to complete half of the teaching areas, with the remainder of the teaching areas, kitchens, dining rooms, etc. following on over the next few months. 


The virtual mission impossible has been recognised and acknowledged by our client and the school. Due to our working methods and ability to work with and around the school we have since been able to negotiate further works including a Dining Room Extension, the refurbishment of the administration areas, nine toilet refurbishments, fire door upgrades, sports changing refurbishment, traffic & car park improvements, etc.






New Sixth Form Block - Works Completed by VEST Construction


Block B Extension and Refurbishment - Completed and handed over from basically a shell in 4 weeks

Block A Refurbishment of kitchen & Dining Room - 95% of works by VEST Construction


Three Storey Block - 95% of works by VEST Construction

SEN & Drama Suites - 95% of works by VEST Construction


Block A Teaching - By VEST Construction



Dining Room Extension - By VEST Construction (in progress)


Dining Room Extension - By VEST Construction (complete)



Toilet Refurbishment Works - By VEST Construction